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 Appropriate Practices in School – Based Health Education

Appropriate Practices in School


When we talk about school and health there is nothing more important than the diet problem our kids face in the school system. If we want our children to have a healthy life, it all needs to begin in the school period where they learn that healthy eating is an important part of their lives.

Based Health Education 


Talking about health is important, what is more, important is to get it integrated into our educational system. We have to fight to protect our children and for that reason, education is the way we have to approach this problem. While we have a strong health education we will have a nation that is build up on knowledge and facts instead of ignorance.

Health Education Worldwide

The health educational institutions worldwide have for years been perfecting their plan on how to approach and talk about health in the schools. While topics such as healthy eating, exercise, mental and emotional health are getting their place in the education, it should also be noted that drug abuse, tobacco abuse, and alcohol abuse is also integrated into the teachings. There are three countries that have already made a health education curriculum.

In Romania the where the Ministry of Research, Education, Youth, and Sports have developed a curriculum about health in 2001 . Japan has had food education since 2005 and it evolved into the school health law in 2008. Poland did not make their health education mandatory but on a “want to join” basis.

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