The term health educator, also used as a community health educator and public health educator, is used to describe a job position or an individual who creates plans and implements them into health education programs. These individuals are also responsible for regular evaluations of health promotions and said programs. As a crucial role, the health educator provides many different organizations with the various tools, settings, and bits of information that improve our overall national health. All of these health educators can be focused on different groups, for instance, a community health educator will be caused by its community needs and services to the community, the school health educator will teach in schools and prepare the kids for the future, but one this is always the same with these people. That is the fact that they have devoted and dedicated their lives to serving the public and its best interest.

While there are both private and state run educational services, there are many career opportunities that one might look forward to in the health business.

Health care settings

In this category, we include both the for profit and public hospitals, home health agencies, medical clinics, HMO, PPOs, and others.

In these institutions, a health care educator will be in charge of teaching the work force of that institution how they should stay healthy and promote healthy living standards in the work environment. The patient education job is rare in these institutions as they are not covered by the expense of the insurance companies, but they are very much present in some capacity over the world.

Public health agencies

These institutions are funded by tax and other forms of government agencies. While they provide police protection, clean air, water and education they are usually organized by a city, county, state or higher level.

School health education

All forms of health education and services that are offered and taught in schools to the students belong in this category. There are many different topics that they are in charges of, such as the promotion of emotional, physical health, social development, sexual education and much more. Depending on the school and its needs, the school health educator can teach in more curriculum than one.

Nonprofit health agencies:

While we do have state run health agencies, there are a lot of parts in the world where health institutions are lacking and can’t rely on the help of the country. In these cases, many non-profit agencies recruit voluntary health educated people who are funded by private donations or some other means. The agencies organize missions where they try to help the population and usually, open position can vary from professional education, researcher, direct service in the health industry and much more.

Higher health education

These positions are filled with two types of health educators. The academic health educator or the wellness center. As an academic health educator, your responsibilities will be to teach, professional community service, and scholarly research.

As a health educator in a wellness center, the major task you will hold under you is to plan implement and help promote healthy life styles and the promotion of health programs to the participants.

Work site Health Promotion:

This is a contractor that works in the health industry. You can become anything from a health advisor, a health promoter, a wellness coach to a global health promotion manager. Depending on the work description you will be in charge of either education or direct implement station of the knowledge you have as a health educator.